Resilience | Fall 2020 Launch

Strength, grit and determination. These are the words that come to mind when I think about resilience. I usually associate resilience with the image of a raised-armed athlete crossing the finish line after overcoming great adversity. But in reality resilience has so much to do with our daily lives, especially as parents of little ones. If 2020 has taught us anything we know now to expect the unexpected, and we can work through adversity together, no matter what is thrown our way. We may not be winning a marathon but man some days it feels like it. We feel that exhaustion from a long day of juggling laundry, work, children and whatever else is thrown our way. But we get through it and we are champions for it!

We are heroes for answering our children in a loving way after hearing ‘mama’ said 1,000 times.

We are warriors for having a baby, especially those who gave birth during a pandemic.

We are fighters for persevering through infertility struggles.

We are champions for meeting the demands of a toddler or newborn.

So stand strong and proud mama and know that you are a resilient warrior and we will get through everything together. 

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Don’t ever forget… we moms do hard things. Every. Single. Day. We are all entitled to have bad days and we are worthy of the good days. You are the best mom for your baby! Just keep showing up!